Psalm 122:6-9

THE MASTER KEY FOR FAVOR this Week & indeed, this entire Season is simply Prayer for Israel. Those who stand with the Jews especially in times of crisis automatically attract the Favor of God. So spend at least 5-10 minutes in DAILY Prayer for Israel generally & the city of Jerusalem particularly. 

  1.  Pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob will fight for the Jews in this season when the Nations of the World are sponsoring the systematic attempt to annihilate the Jewish state.(Joshua 10:42)
  2. Pray that God will remove the Economic, Military, Technological & Political “Wheels” of all the enemies of Israel & their Sponsors.(Exodus 14:24-24)
  3.  Pray that the Almighty God will b a Wall of Fire round about Jerusalem & Divinely divert all Rockets & weapons of d enemy away from Jerusalem & all Jewish settlements.(Zechariah 2:5)
  4. Pray that henceforth, there shall be no further casualties among the jews & their allies.(Numbers 31:6-7, Numbers 48-49)
  5. Pray that all the counsels of the Nations against Israel shall fail perpetually. (Isaiah 8:9-10)

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