There are basically four potent weapons at the disposal of everyone who plans to make his pilgrimage upon this planet earth both fulfilling and significant. These weapons are as follows:-

  1. MONEY: Even the Bible acknowledges that money answers all things-Ecclesiates10:19. With money you can accomplish a lot of things. You can either purchase or where necessary, bribe your way through a lot of things or situations. However, all things in Ecclesiastes must be understood in a relative sense. There are in fact many things that money can not achieve. There are also many people that money does not impress. They regard neither silver nor gold and therefore can neither be bought nor bribed.
    “Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them, which shall not regard silver; and as for gold, they shall not delight in it. Isaiah” 13:17.
    On the other hand, money fails even in the hands of the very rich. Consequently, Money certainly isn’t an all winning weapon.
  2. CONNECTION: This is the second weapon and refers to who you know or are known by in the places that matter. This weapon promotes name-dropping. For example, if you are from the first family of your nation, you will often enjoy waivers and advantage in a lot of situations. Ironically, it is even because of this your intimidating connections that some people will do all they can to frustrate you. Besides, there are many people who know or are even related to right people and yet, their fortunes have not improved. Finally, the top and influential people you know today may not always be there. The verdict is that even the highest human connection does not always win.
  3. GENDER. This is the third potent weapon at the disposal of everyone. Whether you are male or female, you can win many advantages just by the mere fact of your gender. Young women especially, in this crooked and perverse world, can enter many doors simply because female is in their CVs. In some institutions, young female students who consistently made a little below average grades in all their subjects have suddenly turned out Second Class Upper in their final degree exams. Their greatest assets had been their femininity, (a good face, good figure and a willingness to take off their clothes for the right person at short notice) a generosity with their body and a willingness to perish in hellfire.Unfortunately three factors call the bluff of gender invincibility: First, not every fellow of the opposite sex can be manipulated. Second, if a young woman’s greatest asset is her body, when she comes up against a fellow woman in a particular position, she will run out of business. In a good number of cases, women seem to be particularly difficult to fellow women.Finally, a good face or figure is not permanent. When those wrinkles begin to ‘drink’ uploads of powder and still refuse to be silenced and when that waistline begins to compete with Japanese sumo wrestlers, where will Miss Fine face be? Conclusion: even femininity does not win all.But there is something that does. And what’s more, success through this vehicle does not play you against your Maker. All the academic, political, economic and professional credentials of this world still need this vehicle through which to manifest. All connections and beauty are vain without this vehicle. I am sure you know that the richest, best educated, most intimidating resumes, best connected and most beautiful do not always get the best available in their respective pursuits. They all need that vehicle called favour.
  4. FAVOUR: When favour is seated all of life becomes colourful. When favour takes a leave, no matter how temporary, life for that period becomes a small hell here on earth. The beauty of it is that there is a MASTER KEY of Favour which anybody can operate.

…To be continued in Part 2

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