Precious Kingdom Partner, FEEDING & CLOTHING JESUS @ CHRISTMAS, NEGE 2017 was again an amazing success.

The Lord took us safely & brought us back.

Our Medical Team attended to about 200 patients who were given drugs for various ailments. We distributed Rice, Meat, Salt, Soap, Clothes & Shoes to Widows, Snr Citizens, Children and our Rural Pastors. One person was empowered with a Vulcanizer’s Machine. Almost every person in attendance confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior. Finally, Deliverance was conducted for the Land after the Community Head handed over the Land to Jesus Christ. The photos attached tell it all.

All these were possible because of your generous & sacrificial donations of Prayers, Funds, Materials & Professional Service.

We want to thank you for your invaluable partnership and indeed, for every role you have played in our family & Ministry in the course of 2017. May the Lord hasten your earthly Harvest by empowering you with more Resources & Total Peace in the years ahead. Above all, may He secure your eternal Reward, in Jesus Name.

Meanwhile, 2018 is our Year of Divine Speed – 1 Kings18:46. God’s Grace shall enable you to achieve supernatural Speed in every area, in Jesus Name!

Happy New Year!!!

Check out the pictures below.


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