4 Employees Every Employer Must Know

4-employees-coverEveryone sooner or later needs to hire the services of some professional. Whether you only need a cab driver, chauffeur or an aeronautics engineer, whether you hire only a houseboy or an entire team to run a Five-Star hotel, whether you hire a single person to run your store or you assemble an elaborate team to handle a commercial bank, if you are paying for that service, you are an employer and deserve to know the calibre of people you hire.

This fact is just as true where you are building a ministry, school or any kind of practice. The truth is that your employees will make or mar you. Most recently, on February 09, 2011, the driver of a serving minister in Southern Sudan shot his master to death at point blank.Therefore, it is important for you to know the four families of Ziba, Jacob, Joseph, and Eliezer. These are “nations” of employees and their presence will have a profound influence upon your outfit.

This book teaches you how to recognize them, counsels which of them to choose and in fact, how to keep the undesirables at bay.