Breaking the Stronghold of Debt

breaking the stronghold of debt

Debt approaches you with a grin on its face. Once accommodated, it settles down with a snarl, to reproach you. Its handshake becomes a bear hug and it aims to strangle you. Debt steals your peace, health, vision, home and ultimately your life.

In this book you will discover;

  • How this ‘financial cancer’ comes about.
  • Its ultimate purpose.
  • How to stay/break away from the stronghold of this destroyer of visions, homes, ministries, businesses, and lives.
  • Biblical accounts of those who faced and overcame debts are gracefully brought to bear upon our modern day financial realities.
  • Ultimately, the relevant anointing and power to defeat debt are imparted as you prayerfully read, study and apply the inspired wisdom in this book.