Terminating Ancestral And Hereditary Limitations

Many good people struggle endlessly in certain aspects of their lives or even faith. Some people create a lot of money but never can point to visible material achievements. Some beautiful and virtuous women never have anyone propose. Other families must die within a certain age bracket. Some suffer a pattern of delays, major disasters immediately after every blessing, loss of every 1st born, divorce, and general stagnation. Other families post records of certain ‘family’ ailments, etc. Generations of a famous Indian family are victims of political assassination. Another famous family in the USA are victims of tragic death. Many good Christians find themselves drawn to certain compulsive sins. Some families simply can’t attain certain material, spiritual, academic, matrimonial or political glory.

In a lot of cases, these trends can be traced back up the ancestral line. Maybe hundreds of years earlier, their ancestors had sold out to Satan either through sin or evil covenants. You, their great, grand children inherit the consequences of such sins or covenants. These are ancestral and hereditary limitations. You further the enemy’s cause by believing that just because you are born again, the adversary will drop dead. Father Abraham was already ‘born again’ when he lied about his wife Sarah. Isaac who wasn’t born at the time later lied about his wife Rebecca. Abraham’s grandson Jacob lied in the matter of the blessing. Abraham’s 10 grandsons from Jacob lied about the welfare of Joseph.

Gen37:3, Joseph was Israel’s favorite and a proven astute administrator yet God didn’t allow Jacob make him a progenitor of the Messiah because his mother Rachel was an idolatress, thief, and liar.

This book traces the Biblical fact of ancestral and hereditary limitations and offers the Biblical recipe for terminating them. It’s a new day!