The Healing And Restoring Power Of Forgiveness: Retain And Service Your Divine Bridges

At creation, God would stand back, assess His awesome creation and express satisfaction with the result. Periodically, a perfect God appraised creation in light of divine vision and the result met divine approval. All was okay until man began to fulfill purpose. Then God announced the unexpected; “It is not good that the man should be alone…” Since that moment when God had to provide Adam a helper, humanity has had to fulfill destiny interdependently. No one can succeed alone.
In life, God surrounds everyone with human relationships. They are your ‘bridges’ on the journey through life. Every person that crosses your part in this life has a significant part to play in your overall success here on earth. Even your harvest after you give is channeled through people to you. Even those enemies, so-called, are necessary. However, several offensive situations will pressurize you to break your bridges. But ‘enemies’ may be obeying God in your life like Joseph’s brethren. They may be persecuting you to glory- 2Kgs 13:20-21. Enemies are your opportunity to sow seeds of forgiveness so that God can also forgive you. Those enemies may be vital bridges and if you cut them off in anger, you may be stabbing yourself in the leg. Many people are suffering either from incurable diseases or other afflictions because they were genuinely offended and have retained their anger. Bitterness blocks you out of God’s grace without which you can achieve very little. Ultimately, resentment is the fastest route that leads otherwise ‘good’ people to hell. This book reveals the Healing & Restoring Power of Forgiveness and admonishes to forgive at all cost. It shows how you can Retain and Service your Divine Bridges.