The Ministry Of The Armour Bearer

the ministry of the armour bearer

The Ministry of the Armour Bearer


Like humanity in the 21st century generally, the global Church groans for qualitative, faithful and effective Leadership. In this Book, from a Biblical perspective and personal experience, Dr Terry Shaguy who served as an armour bearer without even thinking of ending up in full-time Ministry, traces the foundation of good leadership, to servanthood.

He argues that when the Church stops emphasizing the training of leaders but rather the raising of servants, good leaders will naturally emerge. Many good leaders (Joshua, Elisha, David, Adeboye, Copeland, etc) actually started out as ARMOURBEARERS for their leaders.

In this Book you will therefore find:

  • The Office of the Armourbearer.
  • Evolving into the Leader of your dream through Service.
  • Pathway to receiving the ‘mantle’ & operating in your leader’s anointing.
  • Thriving under your Leader or Mentor without strife.
  • Being the Leader your followers will sacrifice for.
  • Mentoring from security.
  • Tips on reproducing yourself to sustain your vision.

This Book is a good manual for every Christian who plans to serve God acceptably in any capacity he finds himself. It is a veritable resource for Leaders’ and Workers’ seminars. Every leader should especially expose his team to the insights shared in this book.