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Word For December 2015


2015 has been our year of FAVOR for OVERLAPPING HARVEST (Leviticus 26:9-10). This December, please concentrate on ALL of God’s Goodness & Blessings upon you & your Family since January. Forget what you perceive you haven’t gotten yet. Daily THANK God for Previous Blessings of Good Health, Healing, Provision, Promotions, Open Doors, Deliverance, Protection, etc & He will CROWN your year with whatever is left. In Luke 17:12-19, Jesus Christ healed 10 Lepers. Apparently, although they were already healed, they still needed to link up with their spouses & families from whom Leprosy had separated them. They still bore the cicatrix or scars of Leprosy. They had a few missing limbs. They would need employment and probably accommodation.
Nine of those healed rushed off to go & look for these ‘remaining’ things.

One fellow had a different understanding. He was so thankful for his healing that he imagined those ‘other’ things could wait. He returned to Give Thanks. He prostrated in Worship & Thanksgiving. Then the Lord Exceeded his Expectation; Jesus declared, “Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole” Luke 17:19.

Well, there is a final major Blessing God reserves for the end of every Year. It is the Testimony that becomes the CROWN of each Year. Psalm 65:11. Most people will miss the Crown because they are more occupied with ‘asking’ or ‘seeking’ what they imagine they haven’t yet got, instead of Thanking God for ALL THEY ALREADY HAVE.

Don’t be one of those. This December, DAILY THANK God for all He did for you since January & you will also receive Whatever is left or lacking.

December is our Month of THANKSGIVING.
Have a Favored Month.

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Word For November 2015

Isaiah 60:17

November is the month of FAVOR for EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS. God will EXCEED all your Expectations this 11th Month, in Jesus Name. Do you need Healing? You will walk in Divine Health. Expecting a Raise? You will be Promoted. Need Rent? You can have a personal House. Lookin for Employment? You can become an Employer. Are you hoping for an Open Door? You will start Opening Doors for others. Struggling with Debt? You will start Lending to others soon. NO MORE ‘HANDOUTS’ for You. You are GETTING THE REAL STUFF.

Please Memorize & Confess Isaiah 60:17 DAILY.

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Word For October 2015

Genesis 8:1-5

October is our month of FAVOR for Divine REMEMBERANCE. God will REMEMBER you this 10th Month & your long-awaited Expectation will begin to emerge from today, in Jesus Name.

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Word For August 2015

1 Samuel 16:1 1 Samuel 6-7 1 Samuel 10-13

8 is for NEW BEGINNING. When God Chose David the 8th son of Jesse to replace Saul from the tribe of Benjamin, it was more than one man replacing another. God was starting a NEW ORDER by bringing the Kingship back to Judah where it should have been in the first place.

As Favor chose David the 8th child for the throne, this 8th Month, God’s FAVOR for DIVINE PREFERENCE shall start a NEW ORDER of Glory in every area of your life, in Jesus Name.

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Word For July 2015


Ruth 2:1-6 Ruth 2:8-23 (AMP)

Favor will PLACE you in the Right Place with the Right People for the Right Reason at the Right Time. Your Boaz will happen, in Jesus Name.

Like RUTH, face July DAILY prophesying that you will find FAVOR.

  1. Favor will divinely PLACE you in the Path of your Boaz.
  2. Favor will DRAW your Boaz from whatever he is doing & get to where he will connect with you.
  3. Favor will ensure you are in the Right ‘activity’ when your Boaz arrives.
  4. Favor will compel your Boaz to notice you.
  5. Favor will FORCE your Boaz to shift the ‘Goalpost’ for you.
  6. Your Boaz will exceed your expectations.
  7. Your Boaz will obey God in your life/job/business/Ministry & ‘settle’ you.
    Have a FAVORED July!!!
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Word For June 2015

2 Sam 9:5-7 2 Sam 9:13

When Mephibosheth entered the season of High Favor, King David, his Human Angel:

  1.  Diligently sought for him.
  2.  Re-located him from the slums of Lodebar back to the Palace.
  3.  Restored all his grandfather’s Wealth.
  4.  Broke Protocol by taking in a lame person into the Palace
  5.  Restored him to his Princely Status
  6.  Hid his reproach (his lame feet) under the Royal Dining Table away from sight.

This 6th Month of HI-FAVOR, your Human ANGELS will breach every protocol to Restore your TOTAL Glory & divinely Re-locate you to your Divinely ordained ROYALTY, in Jesus Name.

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Word For April 2015

Hosea 2:21-23 (AMP)

This April, there shall be OPEN HEAVENS of Answered Prayers. Make sure you Pray Big. God will compel the Heavens to release the Rain of God’s FAVOR upon your Earth (and all that is in, & on the earth) which in turn will co-operate with ur Endeavors to establish your TOTAL Prosperity, Fruitfulness Restoration, to the glory of God. This April, even those areas that seemed hopelessly barren shall become Fruitful because there is a Decree already gone forth to compel everyone, everything & every situation to work in harmony for ur glory & ESTABLISHMENT, in Jesus Name. Be sure to present a Large Vessel for your Harvest. God’s Love, Pity, and Mercy shall perform this.

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