REGAM GLOBAL CHRISTIAN MISSIONS is the mission arm of TERRY SHAGUY MINISTRIES. Our goal is to eradicate poverty in the Christian community through wise enterprise and community spirit. Together with Christ, we are also raising Kingdom Generals who will be part of the end time Joshua Financial Army.



  • Conferences, Seminars & Workshops on WEALTH CREATION and CIRCULATION.
  • “Helps” ministry to those in need and especially facilitating Financial Bases for Ministers so that they may be empowered to concentrate on and be effective in their Ministries.
  • Organizing Financial Empowerment Workshops for Believers.
  • Rural Crusades and Medical Outreaches.
  • Counseling/Prayer/Life/Career Coaching.
  • Soul Winning at Every Opportunity.


  • Volunteer: We would love to have you join us on an outreach, where you can help the needy and be blessed in return. To volunteer, send an email to missions@terryshaguy.org or call any of the following numbers; +2347030308123, +2347032281717, +2348054221121.
  • Donate cash and materials or become a partner by Contacting Us.
  • Pray along with us for upcoming outreaches.